Custom 3D Printed GIMX Adapter

Posted on 2023. Oct 20

Do you have a nice racing wheel that was built for one system, but you just wish you could use it on another platform? You spent all that money for a sweet setup for PS4 but sadly it isn't compatible with Xbox or PS3? Well there is a solution for you: the GIMX USB adapter with its provided free computer software.

alt text

I have been building and selling these adapters for about a year, honing the 3D printed case that houses the components over time. What we end up with now is a beautiful, compact device that supports USB-C cables and supports the full features of GIMX (Game Input MultipleXer).

You can pick one or more up over on my Etsy shop. As of writing the cost is about $65 USD per unit.

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And if you have any questions please feel free to email me: michael /at/

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