Fixing a Keyboard After Spilling Liquid On It

UPDATE: After working fine for a few days post-cleaning, some of the keys stopped working again for some reason :(. The process was a failure.

Well this was probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. Late last night while playing Starcraft II with a friend online, I spilled some wine that got all over my desk including my expensive TypeMatrix keyboard. It’s probably one of the worst liquids to spill anywhere, let alone on computer parts! After frantically trying to dry it and leaving it alone overnight, some of the keys just didn’t work anymore. I thought, could this be fixed? I might as well try before dropping $110 for a new one.

The following instructions may vary depending on the type of keyboard you have. Actually if you’re fixing a laptop keyboard the instructions will be very similar. Here’s the steps to repair:

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A Solution to the Software Patent Problem?

Patents in the USA were intended to protect inventors against people copying, reproducing, and selling their own creations. But with software, things have gone awry with companies like Apple and Microsoft patenting the stupidest things — hoping they will slip through the US patent office and be accepted. And now to defend oneself from being sued for patent infringement, huge companies are scooping up patents in billion dollar buys. Apple and Microsoft recently paid $4.5 billion for Nortel‘s patent pool, and Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12 billion which included their patent pool.

This is a tremendous amount of money spent which isn’t even for any tangible product, research, or manpower. In the long run this is going to cost consumers by raising product prices (Microsoft gets $5-10 for every HTC phone sold, even though there is absolutely no Microsoft product or technology in it).

I was thinking about the patent problem and how it could be changed to protect the individual or company inventions but prevent big businesses from bullying other companies and hurting the consumer. What if patents could not be transferred to another individual or company without being released into the public domain? In other words if you hold a patent for something that you invented, you would still be fully protected by that patent, but you could not sell or transfer that patent power to someone else. If you decided to sell your company or go out of business, the patents automatically get released in the public domain.

This solution would protect the inventor (person or company) that invented the “thing”, but prevent the fake companies that just buy up patents and sue everybody from existing.

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Flying Saucers Retro Kitchenware Launched

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The first e-commerce website developed by ButlerPC has been launched! Anyone looking for fun, retro kitchenware and other vintage knick knacks can look no further than

Due to the retro nature of the products in the store, we wanted to give the site a kind of retro look from the 60s and 70s. That is why I went with a vibrant color scheme to match the store’s logo. The home page features unique “Brady Bunch” style boxes showcasing certain kitchen products, and they swap every few seconds via ajax requests in the background.

Visitors can check out the gallery, browse for fun products, and purchase using a credit card on a secure PayPal form.

Flying Saucers is based in Asbury Park, NJ.

Free Streaming Dance Mix 03/14/2010

Recorded on 3-14-2010 (Pi day)

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March 13, 2010 StatiK EffecK Mix

Terminal 6 – Solarity
Passenger 10 – Avantgarde
Angel (Axwell Remix) – Pharrell
Tetris – Electrixx
They Need Us – Arnej
Dreamcatcher – Memento
I’ve Been Waiting – Dave Dresden & DJ Lynnwood
Lovegame (Dave Aude Club Mix) – Lady Gaga
Hide & Seek – Tiesto Remix
No Turning Back (Orig mix) – Gui Boratto
Watch the sun come up (Moam remix) – Example
I will be here – Sneaky Sound System & Tiesto
Kids (Soulwax remix) – MGMT
Feel it in my bones (Tiesto remix) – Teagan & Sara

New TypeMatrix 2030 Ergonomic Keyboard

I recently purchased and received my new TypeMatrix 2030 USB (2009 model) keyboard!  For those that don’t know, TypeMatrix is a company that produces what I believe to be the best, most comfortable and most logical keyboards that one can buy.  The version I bought is Dvorak, since that has been my preferred typing layout since around 2003.

The TypeMatrix 2030 USB (2009 Model) – Shown with Qwerty layout

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I’ve been cleaning up a lot of crap over the past few days that was the result of an exploit on the site. Basically, most if not all “index.php” files in the directories of the site had various lines of advertising & link code inserted into them. They were inserted into hidden HTML elements so they couldn’t be seen unless you viewed the source.
At first I tried to figure out how the exploit was executed… WordPress? Gallery2? I wasn’t too sure so I removed all the spam links and javascript code and thought I removed access to the Gallery applications. But that wasn’t enough, as the next day I checked it, all the index files had been tampered with again. “Did someone get my password? How could this happen!” I thought. Then I realized there was still an old Gallery2 directory ready for exploiting. So I got rid of that promptly and cleaned up the whole site again.
I even re-installed WordPress to the latest version. My next steps are to install a backend for the site which would alert me via e-mail if certain actions occur. Launched!

The website I have been hard at work developing for the past couple of months at has been launched to the public! I worked on many different parts of the site, most notably the Post Job process and Submitting Reviews, as well as a fair amount of the back end.

CityMove is a website where people who need to move can find well-rated movers, who then submit bids on your moving job after you “Post a job”. You can then investigate the movers who bid and check their review and ratings, and finally pick the one you think is best.

Feel free to browse around the website here:

Post a job on