How to listen to Spotify for a long time without ads

Here is a quick and easy way to listen to Spotify for long periods of time without listening to ads and without paying for the PRO service. Note: Only applies if you like DJ mixes of Trance, House, and other genres of Electronic Dance Music.

  • Search spotify for the word “continuous”
  • Sort by Duration, Descending.

You’ll get a long list of full continuous DJ mixes over 1 hour long (some as long as 79 minutes). You can listen to these tracks in full with no ad interruptions. Sometimes you can listen to two of them consecutively before hearing an advertisement! Continue reading

Music made with unusual instruments

Making music will always be a part of human culture. It’s interesting that people find ways of creating music no matter what situation they’re in, and this includes urban environments. Thanks to YouTube you can watch and listen to all of these different creations.

Pen Tapping

It’s amazing what you can put your mind to when bored at school (or in detention…)

Street Drumming

Just find whatever buckets or metal bins you can and go to town!

One man band



This just sounds really cool and unique.

Beatbox with Harmonica

Performer: Yuri Lane

Behringer UCA222 Review and FAQ

Last year I put up a short review on YouTube of Behringer’s UCA222 USB audio input/output interface for recording stuff into your computer. I just did the review for fun after getting my Ultra HD pocket video recorder but, since then, it has received thousands of views and a lot of comments too — many of which I responded to. Here is a rough overview of the device, and after that I’ll put up a small FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

This device basically allows you to record to your computer high quality stereo sound from any device that outputs red & white RCA cables. You simply plug in the USB to your computer (Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux) and most systems will install the software automatically. It will show up as a new audio input/output device that you may select in your recording software such as Audacity. For me, the UCA222 was actually selected automatically while plugged in.

The manufacturer claims 48khz 16bit sound quality. This is much higher quality than you’re likely to get from your built in sound card. It can also be used to replace your existing sound card to output stereo sound through the device. In fact, while plugged in, your normal sound card will be muted and you’ll have to use this one for any output.


Q: Can I record my guitar with this device?
A: This isn’t ¬†used for recording guitars. For recording your guitar into your PC via USB, your best bet is to buy the Behringer UCG102, the sister product made for guitars and analogue instruments.

Q: Can you play music on your computer and have it come out through the UCA222 USB like a sound card?
A: Yes, once plugged in, all sound generated from your computer will actually now go through the stereo output on the UCA222.

Q: How is this different from the UCA202?
A: They’re the same exact device, except UCA222 is red instead of silver, and UCA222 comes packaged with EnergyXT software with a lot of free VSTs for making music.

Q: After its connected do you control the volume at the mixing board or the computer?
A: The mixing board. For me, when I plugged it in, there wasn’t anyway to control the input recording volume, it was simply set to 0.0 dB.

Full Video:

Dance Mix MP3 01-31-2010

Here’s another MP3 recorded during my DJ-in-training set.
Click on it to start playing instantly, or right-click to Download & Save As…

statik01-31-2010.mp3 Duration 56:18

Track listing:
Marco V – Unprepared
The Message
I’ve Been Waiting – Dave Dresden & DJ Lynnwood Remix
I Will Be Here – Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System
Papilon – Editors (Tiesto Remix)
I Remember – deadmau5 & kaskade
The Fractal Universe – Mat Zo
Louder than Boom – Tiesto
Sail – Armin Van Buuren
Shivers – Alex MORPH Red Light Dub
On a good day – oceanlab

New Dance Mix MP3

Here’s a new mix for your listening pleasure. There were some mistakes so I did some post-processing to remove them as best I could. But for the most part, it is a live mix.
Click to stream & play, right-click to save and download for your iPod.
StatiKEffecK Mix 01/2010 (55 MB)

  1. Triclops
  2. yaya
  3. lovegame
  4. piece of me
  5. halo
  6. evacuate the dancefloor
  7. in the air
  8. let me think about it
  9. hometown glory
  10. i will be here
  11. infinity 2008
  12. poker face