Anonymous Member takes down thousands of websites in GoDaddy attack

Earlier today, DNS and other servers at GoDaddy became unresponsive, throwing thousands of websites hosted there (including, the internet’s largest interactive wine website and where I work) offline.

Anonymous “Security Leader” @AnonymousOwn3r claims to be behind the take-down, who also points out that it is not Anonymous acting as a whole, just one person.

UPDATE: GoDaddy claims down time was caused by their own incompetency, not a hacker. Who do you think is right? Either way, this puts GoDaddy in a bad light.

According to AnonymousOwn3r, he is taking GoDaddy down to “test how the cyber security is safe” and for other reasons that cannot be disclosed at this time — perhaps keeping secret some sort of security exploit or hole.

Late last year, the internet was in a fury after GoDaddy announced its support of the US government’s proposed SOPA to censor websites just like what communist China does.