JavaScript Object Instantiation!!!

Hallelujah! Finally tackled JavaScript object instances.

I learned JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) a few months ago and it has increased the portability of my JavaScript code. But something I’ve never done with Javascript is the use of the “new” keyword like we do with Java, C++, or PHP with Object oriented programming.

Finally decided to get to the bottom of it when I wanted to quickly write a JavaScript count-down (or count-up) timer display.I wanted to be able to create these counters on the fly, anywhere on the page, by just supplying the DIV id to a function.

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Dance Mix MP3 01-31-2010

Here’s another MP3 recorded during my DJ-in-training set.
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statik01-31-2010.mp3 Duration 56:18

Track listing:
Marco V – Unprepared
The Message
I’ve Been Waiting – Dave Dresden & DJ Lynnwood Remix
I Will Be Here – Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System
Papilon – Editors (Tiesto Remix)
I Remember – deadmau5 & kaskade
The Fractal Universe – Mat Zo
Louder than Boom – Tiesto
Sail – Armin Van Buuren
Shivers – Alex MORPH Red Light Dub
On a good day – oceanlab