New TypeMatrix 2030 Ergonomic Keyboard

I recently purchased and received my new TypeMatrix 2030 USB (2009 model) keyboard!  For those that don’t know, TypeMatrix is a company that produces what I believe to be the best, most comfortable and most logical keyboards that one can buy.  The version I bought is Dvorak, since that has been my preferred typing layout since around 2003.

The TypeMatrix 2030 USB (2009 Model) – Shown with Qwerty layout

What is even more pleasant is that…the company replaced my broken 2020 model that my girlfriend Alison gave to me for Christmas (2008).  The 2020 model was TypeMatrix’ first keyboard model, and thus it lacks some of the improvements brought on by the 2030. Still, I am very lucky now to have a TypeMatrix keyboard for work and home.

Let me tell you a little about the main advantages of using the TypeMatrix:

  1. The short length (about 13 inches) allows you to have your mouse, and thus hand/arm, closer to your other hand/arm (and the home keys). This may not seem like a big deal but if you tried it out for a while and then went back to a normal size keyboard you would realize you’re doing a lot more work to go back and forth using the mouse.
  2. Perfectly vertical columns of keys.  Keyboards have always been made with staggered keys because when typewriters were mechanical, the lever arms had to be spaced apart… and the staggered layout just stuck even to the digital age. I can understand that most people don’t want to change and learn something new — but what I don’t understand is why there aren’t more vertical column keyboards out there. Its not like it would cost more to manufacture it– just take the standard keyboard. There must be more people out there willing to use vertical column keyboards.
  3. The centerized backspace and enter keys. How often do you use the backspace keys to delete mistakes? Probably all the time. Then shouldn’t this frequently used key be placed closer to your strongest, faster fingers? With the TypeMatrix, the backspace key, along with the enter key, is located directly between your two hands.

My usage of TypeMatrix keyboards goes back to 2005 when I purchased their first 2030 model. At that time, there were some shipping problems and I didn’t receive the keyboard for about 4-5 weeks. But when I got it, it was probably the biggest computer improvement I’ve ever experienced. I continued to use it for at least 2 years– typing, coding, and even computer gaming. Then the circuitry began to fail and some keys stopped responding. It was probably the result of smashing on it too hard too many times, so I don’t blame the quality of the keyboard.

All in all, I highly recommend this keyboard to anyone who uses a computer for any significant amount of time. The health and productivity benefits simply cannot be beat.

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8/27/2011 Update – I spilled red wine on the keyboard which caused it to malfunction :( … but I took it apart and fixed it.