The website I have been hard at work developing for the past couple of months at has been launched to the public! I worked on many different parts of the site, most notably the Post Job process and Submitting Reviews, as well as a fair amount of the back end.

CityMove is a website where people who need to move can find well-rated movers, who then submit bids on your moving job after you “Post a job”. You can then investigate the movers who bid and check their review and ratings, and finally pick the one you think is best.

Feel free to browse around the website here:

Post a job on

Using Google Speadsheets to Track Utility Usage

I’m trying out Google Speadsheets (GS) to track my monthly utility usage (I’ve also started using to track my monthly expenditures after my brother’s recommendation). GS allows you to post your charts as an img anywhere on the web. I’m not sure yet if the image reflects the latest version of the data or if you have to repost the image each time.

I moved into the apartment Dec 21, 2008 so the data starts there.

Electricity usage:

I multiplied the dollars per kilowatt-hour by 1000 to make megawatt-hours so it would show up better on the chart
Oil usage:

You can view the spreadsheet publicly here:
You can’t edit it, but you can save a copy to your own account as a template for your own usage.

Safari Bug in JavaScript Popup Calendar by Matt Kruse

One of the most widely used (and oldest) javascript popup calendars on the web is Matt Kruse’s CalendarPopup, posted at Matt provides plenty of examples and different ways to use this handy script, which provides the user with a visual way to input a date into a form control.

However, the script hasn’t been updated in a long time, and has a long-running bug that shows up in Safari on Mac OS and Windows. The bug occurs when the user clicks to show the pop up calendar, and then clicks outside the calendar box (as if to cancel it) — the calendar is supposed to close, but it doesn’t.

Here is the solution to that bug to help all of you Google searchers out there trying to get the calendar div popup to hide when the user clicks somewhere else on the page.
In the “PopupWindow.js” file, on Line 240:

var t = e.originalTarget;

I do not think Safari supports “originalTarget” for an event, at least not in this case. In Safari ‘t’ will be undefined. After this line, add:

t =;

I don’t know if this works in browsers earlier than Safari 3.0, but I tested it in Firefox 3, IE 6, and Safari 3.

You can download the full combined JS source with the fix already included on my website here.

By the way, as a developer primarily working on Windows, I never thought there was a point in using the Safari browser on Windows. However, I had to test something recently in the browser so I installed it and started using it. I’m now glad I did, because it generates & logs strict HTML and Javascript errors in the error console that other browsers, like Firefox, just ignore.