Printing PDFs from the Command Line

I’ve been struggling for a while to get PDFs to print correctly using Adobe Reader from the command line, so here’s how to do it from a batch file:

:: This is a DOS-Style path to the AcroRd32.exe, in this case Adobe Reader 7.0
:: This adds /h to tell Adobe Reader to minimize, and /p tells it to print the document to the default printer and close right after.
:: This will first launch Adobe Reader in a new process. NOTE: whatever directory you are in at this point,
:: Adobe Reader will only look for files here unless you supply full path file names.
call start /MIN %PATHTOADOBE% /h
:: ...
:: do stuff...
:: ...
:: Here is the actual call to print the PDF. Because Adobe Reader is already launched in its own process, the batch file will continue executing immediately after the command is invoked.
%PRINTCMD% "C:myDocument.pdf"
:: Batch file will continue executing other commands

What Have I Been Watching?

Yeah I have a lot to say. I went to Japan and half my pictures got corrupted on my camera. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Dodgeball, other stuff. Really don’t feel like writing.

Here’s what I’ve rented since “Kamikaze Girls”. There are a lot of hidden gems here. I’m marking off my favorites with a pound sign. If it wasn’t my first time seeing it, I marked it with $.

Part 4
Love Liza, 2002 01/11/07
#Warm Water Under a Red Bridge, 2002 01/11/07
$The Cable Guy 01/11/07
Broken Flowers 01/11/07
Hellraiser 01/02/07
$Dumb and Dumber (Unrated) 01/02/07
#Secretary 12/14/06
The Virgin Suicides 11/28/06
Flightplan 11/21/06
#All the Real Girls 11/21/06
Johnny Dangerously 11/17/06
Better Off Dead 11/16/06
#Mystery Science Theater 3000: Space Mutiny 11/10/06
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Hamlet 11/07/06
Carrie 11/03/06
#V for Vendetta 11/01/06
MADtv: Season 1: Disc 2 (6-Disc Series) 10/30/06
The Forgotten 10/24/06
MADtv: Season 1: Disc 1 (6-Disc Series) Series Disc 10/16/06
Whisper of the Heart 10/11/06
The Opposite of Sex 10/06/06
#$Addams Family Values 10/03/06
Kino’s Journey: Vol. 4: Not Without Reservations (4-Disc Series) 10/03/06
Kino’s Journey: Vol. 3: Warning! Curves Ahead (4-Disc Series) Series Disc 09/27/06
Kino’s Journey: Vol. 2: Emerging Lanes (4-Disc Series) Series Disc 09/27/06
#Corpse Bride 09/12/06
Steamboy 08/29/06
#Silent Hill 08/29/06
#$The Crow 08/24/06
House of Flying Daggers 08/21/06
Lost: Season 1: Disc 3 (7-Disc Series) 08/17/06
Ocean’s Twelve 08/15/06
Rambo: First Blood 08/10/06