Seabrook Village

anyone remember that sarcastic kid “Matt” from Seabrook village? He was funny. That would be cool to have a reunion get together with the old gang, including Dennis. Who’s with me here?

Went to the Rutgers game today, we won 31-21. I took pics and some videos of fans storming the field. I will try to upload them in the near future.

Typematrix Keyboard

See Updated Review of the new USB model ยป

What better way to kick off the site than with a new product that increases efficiency. I just received the Typematrix 2030 Keyboard (took 3 weeks to get here because the company had some problems) and its awesome! Cool that UPS delivers on Columbus Day, a “national” holiday. This keyboard improves upon the standard staggered keyboard layout by placing all the keys in vertical rows.

Did you ever wonder why your keyboard’s keys are layed out kind of diagonally? If you look closer, they’re not even perfectly diagonal. They’re like that because a hundred years ago, each key on a typewriter had a lever attached that couldn’t interfere with any other lever. So, the keys were staggered in a way so the levers wouldn’t hit each other. Moral of the story is, we’re don’t use typewriters anymore so lets not use staggered keys.
Another drastic change is they put the backspace and enter keys in the center of the keyboard, so you hit them with your index fingers instead of your pinky fingers. I’ve only been typing on this thing since the start of this post, but I can say that it is much better being able to hit backspace with either your left or right hand. I also use the Dvorak keyboard layout for less finger movement. The Typematrix is available in both standard QWERTY and DVORAK layouts.

If you spend a lot of time typing on a computer, whether at home or on the job, you should think about your health and consider the investment of the TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2030.

New Site in Development

Not just a new webpage, but a new entire website is being developed for [the late?] DJMP Productions. (you are here) (no data yet) (no data yet) (directory doesn’t exist)

What will be granted to members: full FTP access to their directories, any web packages they request (photo albums, blogs, message boards, etc.) All of these packages are modifyable and updateable through the web browser just by logging in with username and password, so FTP uploading is rarely required.
Storage size limit is 3 GB. The site is hosted by for $96 per year (paid in full). Maximum transfer per month is 100 GB, or about 1,428 downloads of the SOTAA album (not available online yet).

Comments activated.